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Zeneca_33 is a veteran NFT analyst, investor, and advisor in the emerging web3 world, and ZenAcademy is his brainchild to help the masses learn and grow in the space. In a sea of ​​speculation, hype, and FOMO, ZenAcademy aims to be a beacon of powerful crypto education.

The two main ZenAcademy NFTs – Genesis Token and 333 Club Token – serve as lifetime access to the Academy, its various discord servers, and other special perks. So what is ZenAcademy? What makes an NFT project so different from others?

Photo of Zenica, founder of ZenAcademy

What is ZenAcademy?

ZenAcademy is simply a “one-stop shop” for everything related to NFT education. Their core belief is that web3 can be a great tool to empower anyone in the world, anywhere in the world. The academy hopes to educate people with any level of coding experience to learn, enjoy, and grow together.

To quote from the official website, “We are not an alpha group, we are not here to help you get rich quick, we are not engaged in hype tactics or delusional speculation. We are here to help educate, inform and spread information based on logic and facts. More than anything else, we are here for you.”

ZenAcademy roadmap

One thing about Zeneca’s NFT Academy is that there is no strict roadmap. The Academy adapts and grows according to the ebbs and flows of the crypto world. Zeneca states that the roadmap is because the NFT space is moving by leaps and bounds. Accordingly, he believes that planning too far into the future would be akin to limiting the scope and value of the entire project.

Who created Zen Academy? Who is Zenica?

Zeneca, creator of Zen Academy, is an NFT investor and content creator with over 300k followers on Twitter. Originally a professional poker player, Australian, whose real name is Roy, he is now an expert in NFT. Impressively, he built his collection of non-fungible tokens from 0 to around 3,000 blocks in less than a year. Known for supporting artists and bringing the community together, Zeneca now prides itself on its experience helping web3 brands like Blur.io. Moreover, he also co-hosted a successful NFT related podcast titled “Two Bored Apes”.

What is Zen Academy NFTs all about?

In the interest of fairness, transparency and open source education, ZenAcademy is officially a free platform for learning. Each of Zeneca’s NFTs comes with a lifetime membership to ZenAcademy, as well as access to each community’s Discord server.

There are multiple benefits divided between each membership tier and each fits a different aspect of the NFT ecosystem. They are two NFTs Genesis codes and the 333 Club Tokens. To be clear, each code grants a different level of access to ZenAcademy.

ZenAcademy Genesis of NFTs

ZenAcademy Genesis NFTs is a pool of 7.8k ERC-1155 tokens which had an original price of 0.033 ETH. Genesis code owners can verify ownership in the official Discord. This code gives members full access to the server and other perks such as giveaways, promotions, deals or discounts through ZenAcademy.

Zenica Club 333

The 333 Club is ZenAcademy’s most prestigious NFT and each of the 333 tokens costs 3.33 ETH at the mint. 333 Club token holders benefit from all the privileges offered by Genesis holders. In addition to membership and lifetime access, 333 club members also have token access to a private discord server.

In short, this exclusive community includes Web3 creators, creators, investors, traders, professionals, and NFT enthusiasts. The idea is to create a hub for those who value a friendly, focused environment to learn, help and grow together. Moreover, 333 club members have more access to Zeneca itself. In fact, members can book 1:1 meetings with the NFT Twitter star to get personalized advice on their plans and project strategies.

Roy created the 333 Club due to the huge number of people seeking his counseling and advisory services. Knowing that he would not be able to play the official team member and consultant for more than 2-3 projects at any one time, the club took a hybrid model.

ZenAcademy Controversy Roles

In addition to the access granted by NFTs, there are also many Discord roles for non-owners. These different types of membership are granted in ZenAcademy Discord.

Role of Organo Gold

The first members of ZenAcademy Discord have been assigned an ‘OG Role’. The role includes ‘Almost OG’ and ‘The Lucky Few’ extensions. The role is given to early members who do not own an NFT, but are entitled to contribute to the community without having to purchase a token. The benefits largely mirror those of a Genesis membership. However, there are of course more benefits to Genesis NFT holders that members of the OG role do not enjoy. Furthermore, no new Organo Gold roles will be assigned.

The role of ZA’s friends

This role is given specifically to communities or community members in external communities that partner with ZenAcademy.


The Specialist Discord role is an additional role for ZenAcademy. Designated members do not get any additional privileges or access, but they can access certain types of notifications.


Free role member can navigate and view the entire ZenAcademy server, but will not be able to contribute or write. Furthermore, free members do not have access to any perks such as free gifts, promotions, deals, or discounts. The free membership tier allows under-resourced users the means to view most of the content created on ZenAcademy and educate themselves. However, watch out, free memberships may not last much longer.

How to become a member of ZenAcademy

To gain access to becoming a ZenAcademy member, you can either purchase a Genesis Token or 333 Club Membership on marketplaces such as OpenSea or LooksRare. Genesis tokens are currently running a minimum price of 0.617 ET, and 333 tokens are listed at 8.4 ETH on OpenSea currently. Although there are only 327,333 Club NFTs minted as of the time of writing. Besides, other membership types can be accessed by acquiring Discord roles as mentioned above.

Community Events: Zenmas, meetups and more

You might be wondering if there are any external events surrounding this massive academy. In fact, yes there is! First, there are additional NFTs available to ZenAcademy members. For example, during the holiday season in 2021, ZenAcademy dropped 12 free NFTs for members as part of its “12-days-of-Zenmas” event. The event is designed for the 12 days after Christmas. ZenAcademy has commissioned art from 12 up-and-coming NFT artists and has released their work to everyone who holds ZenAcademy/333 Token. This was an enabling move to support up-and-coming artists by commissioning their work. The “12 Days” initiative also targets newcomers to space. Zeneca then repeats the event in late 2022. According to Zeneca “The goal is to use our platform to uplift great art and artists, especially those who are struggling.” Furthermore, ZenAcademy also occasionally releases POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFTs dropped on attendees at certain events. POAPs may also come with some perks and privileges.

What is ZenAcademy Scholarship Fund?

The ZenAcademy Scholarship Fund is designed to support up-and-coming artists and creators in the NFT space. The scholarship is funded by various channels of cooperation and partnership. The first one is from Zeneca’s course “How to Launch an NFT Project”. Zeneca receives no revenue from the paid course and 25% of the proceeds are donated to support Ukraine. The remaining 75% goes to the fund. It was also through this fund that the “12 Days of Zenmas” initiative was funded in July 2022 (0.50 ETH for 12 up-and-coming artists) (6.5 ETH for 13 artists).

ZenAcademy NFT Courses

ZenAcademy has collaborated with many prestigious NFT and educational projects since its inception. These partnerships allow ZenAcademy to reach new audiences around the world, spreading mass adoption of cryptocurrencies/NFTs and allowing people to truly understand the technology. One of the most notable partnerships is Zen Academy x Nas.io (Nas Academy). Nas.io is a premier global education platform that teaches innovators how they can start, run, and scale their online communities. ZenAcademy is a top course on the platform with over 100,000 users.

Nas.io: Nas.io is a partner platform on which Zeneca and ZenAcademy offer curated video courses to students. However, the paid courses are 100% free for ZenAcademy Genesis NFT holders or 333 Club NFT holders. Some of the available courses are as follows:

  • How to launch an NFT project by Zeneca.
  • How to build an NFT community by Zeneca.
  • Mental Health and Staying Sane in Web3 by Zeneca.
  • Introduction to Crypto by Ben Yu.

There are a lot of courses that came from it, so be sure to check out the rest on the official Nas.io ZenAcademy page.

For people who do not hold ZenAcademy Genesis or 333Club Tokens, there is an alternative way to access. This requires users to have free access from an external community. Users will need to fill out a form requesting access to the course. The team will then return to the request as time permits and guide users through the next steps.

ZenAcademy PFP NFT Project: 4-Stage View

There is a 4 phase vision for Zen Academy which are: promoteAnd on boardAnd revealAnd grow. In the current upgrade phase, the existing ERC-1155 standard is being converted/upgraded to the widely accepted ERC-721 standard. The ERC-721 standard allows more flexibility to do more with Zen Academy NFTs. Zen Academy Genesis or 333 Token holders can upgrade their tokens to receive “ZenChest”. This box is basically a digital PFP box/package. Later in the upgrade process, users will be able to burn this box and reveal their PFP files!

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