Symptoms of Corona Virus

Symptoms of Corona Virus and methods of prevention

The main symptom of corona virus is high fever. It is a matter of concern if children and adults reach 100 ° F (37.7 ° C) or above.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 88 percent have a fever, 68 percent cough and cough, 38 percent fatigue, 18 percent breathlessness, 14 percent body and head pain, 11 percent if infected with the corona virus. Has symptoms of chills and diarrhea in 4 percent.

Let us know what are the symptoms and ways of prevention of this virus.

What is corona virus?

Corona virus belongs to such a family of viruses whose infection can cause problems ranging from a cold to breathing problems. This virus has never been seen before. The Corona virus infection began in December in Wuhan, China. According to WHO, fever, cough, shortness of breath are its symptoms. So far, no vaccine has been made to stop the virus from spreading.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

Its symptoms are similar to the flu. As a result of infection, problems like fever, cold, shortness of breath, runny nose and sore throat arise. This virus spreads from person to person. Therefore, great care is being taken about this. In some cases, the corona virus can also be fatal. Especially older people and who already have asthma, diabetes and heart disease.

What are the preventive measures?

The Ministry of Health has issued guidelines to prevent corona virus. According to them, hands should be washed with soap. Alcohol-based hand rub can also be used. Keep your nose and mouth covered with a handkerchief or tissue paper while coughing and peeling. Keep distance from people who have cold and flu symptoms. Avoid intake of eggs and meat. Avoid contact with wild animals.

Consider these symptoms to identify the corona:

High fever

If a person has a high fever with a dry cough, then he must be checked once. If your temperature is 99.0- and 99.5-degrees Fahrenheit, then it will not be considered fever. It is a matter of concern only if the temperature reaches 100 ° F (37.7 ° C) or above.

Phlegm and dry cough:

It has been found that the corona virus causes phlegm but the infected person has a whooping cough.

Breathing problem:

Within 5 days of becoming infected with the corona virus, a person may have problems breathing. The problem of breathing is actually due to the phlegm spreading in the lungs.

Flu-Coloured Symptoms:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), is infected with the coronavirus can sometimes cause fever, cough, respiratory problems, as well as flu and cold symptoms.

Diarrhea and vomiting:

Symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting have also been seen in people infected with corona. Such symptoms have been found in about 30 percent people.

Loss of smell and taste: In many cases it has been found that people infected with corona have a decrease in the ability to smell and taste.