Vivienne Tam’s collection includes 2023 Metaverse Bridge NFTs


Vivien Tam is bringing NFTs to Fashion Week once again. Celebrity designer and CFDA member Vivian Tam presented her New York Fashion Week show, “Weaving into the Metaverse,” powered by Cyberport and New York’s Hong Kong Economic and Trade Bureau for the Fall/Winter 2023 season. Let’s take a look at this latest collection.

Photo of a runway walker wearing a red hat, white jacket, and green pants at the Vivienne Tam nft Fashion Week show
‘Weaving in the Metaverse’ (img. Credit: Cyberport)

“Weaving in the Metaverse” by Vivian Tam

The collection is based on the theme of the Vivienne spring-summer 23 show in September. The artist aims to connect the physical and digital worlds with the help of NFTs/PFPs to unite communities. Moreover, the fashion designer was inspired by the futuristic vision of a new Hong Kong, where Web3, blockchain, game worlds, and immersive experiences coexist and collaborate.

With her stunning designs, Vivienne has linked ancient pictograms of China’s oldest language, the Oracle Bone Script of 12 zodiac symbols, along with several Web3 NFTs.

“Since the beginning of civilization, humanity has used images to communicate and document our history, and now humanity is using images to create new currencies, communities, the environment, and even worlds.” – Vivian Tam.

Image of a model wearing a Vivienne Tam outfit covered in NFT clothing
Bringing PFP into high fashion

Linking physical and digital fashion

As a member of CyberPort, Hong Kong’s leading Web3 incubator, Vivienne sees fashion and technology as the natural yin and yang. Therefore, she believes that virtual worlds should work, live, and play together in the Metaverse. Significantly, the show didn’t end with costumes. In reality, Vivian Tam A pioneering event by bringing together the physical and digital worlds simultaneously. The Metaverse Show replicated the physical experience, including the red carpet, backstage access, and the after party. Living portals also enabled guests to interact between the two worlds, effectively breaking the “fourth wall”.

In short, Vivienne Tam’s Metaverse show is a pioneering step in merging fashion, NFTs, and technology. Vivienne’s use of NFTs/PFPs in her latest collection shows the interoperability of both Web3 and the natural world. Moreover, the show gave new hope to the possibilities of the fashion industry. We can’t wait to see what’s in the future for NFT fashion.

Photo of the metaverse behind the scenes with nft pfp guests
Living portals also enabled guests to interact between the two worlds, effectively breaking the “fourth wall”.

Vivienne Tam’s history of NFT fashion

This isn’t the first time Vivienne has brought NFTs to the fashion world. The designer showed an NFT-inspired collection at New York Fashion Week in 2022. With it, she incorporated popular blue chip NFT projects like BAYC NFTs, CryptoPunks, and CyberKongz as prints and embroidery.


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