Productivity Apps

Years of research and books of lists have concluded to one point “Smart work is better than hard work.” Effort, for sure, is important but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference in the world. Tech has made working smarter a lot easier. It is, in fact, the definition of working smarter. There’s a website to reach everything, an app to perform your basic daily routine tasks, and now AI to handle everything for us. Google Play Store only owns around over 3 million apps that can increase our productivity. The future promises even productive and smart tech gadgets to help us perform our tasks better. Until then we have made a list of the most productivity apps that we had in 2020 and that made our life so much easier.

  • The must-have Android and iOS apps that will increase productivity in the most effective way.
  • Doing your work while finding the most efficient way is the smartest way to do it.
  • These productive apps are easier to find and are free to download.
  • Check out the curated list of the previous year and the most helpful app for the upcoming year.
  • The list depends upon the popularity, app rating, and features of the app. You can definitely look for the one more feasible and accessible for you.

1.     Smart Transfer

smart transfer
Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer is a cross-platform file sharing app that makes your transferring of data way efficient. You don’t have to select and send each file on your device and then send it one by one. Smart Transfer is going to save you a lot of time and energy with the seamless content transfer. You can share anything including contacts, pictures, videos, audios, calendar, files, apps & more. The app doesn’t even take a whole lot of your data because it is not actually uploading the data but only sending it via hotspot or Wi-Fi direct. You can conveniently transfer from Android to Android, iOS to Android, iOS to iOS and Android to iOS.

2.     Zedge

zedge app

Zedge makes it to the second of our list because of the convenience it provides. The app is home to the most popular ringtones, wallpapers, notification tones, and alarm tones app, giving you an unlimited number of options for each category. Customize the basic parts of your device using Zedge and make it reflect your own personality. By December 2020, more than 30 million people are using this app and are taking advantage of free and premium content. Zedge has daily updates from all over the globe to help you stay in trend. The app is facilitating you by keeping everything at one place and making it fun for you.

3.     SMS organizer

sms organizer
SMS Organizer

Those promotional messages are stacking up in your inbox and who are all those unknown messages from? The unknown numbers are cluttering your phone with spam messages. SMS Organizer is here to help you with all of this. This app compartmentalizes each and every aspect of messaging and organizes the inbox. The promo messages take up a separate folder, the spam messages are kept at a separate place, and the blocked messages are no more appearing in the folder. This saves you the trouble of searching through the whole inbox to find that one message wandering around. We find this app extremely helpful to stay organized and to never miss an important update. That’s why the app makes it to our most productive apps of 2020.

4.     Shazam

Shazam Apple iPhone

Shazam is one of our and many music lovers’ favorite apps. It has an encyclopedia of songs fed to it which helps find any song there is in the world wherever you go. So when you hear that song playing at a party or in your favorite restaurant but you just can’t figure out what song that is, that’s where Shazam comes. It is a music recognition app that can instantly figure out which song is playing in your surroundings. Just open the app and hold it near the source of music. The app will automatically give you the name of the song playing around you. You don’t have to ask around or just sit there trying to learn the song in order to Google the lyrics later. The app also allows you to find and download music from the most convenient source. We find the app really productive as it eases the way for all the musicophiles out there. 

5.     Unified Remote

unified remote
Unified Remote

This app has been creating a buzz for some time now. Yes, it is the infamous Unified Remote that controls everything on your PC from a remote. The app uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to do so and supports over 90 programs. The app works with either one of Mac, Windows, Linux, and requires a server program to start working. You can mirror the screen using this app, can control the media on your computer, and can handle the keyboard, mouse, and many other features that come with this app. The app also features a paid version that unlocks many other magical features for you. The app increases your productivity by always keeping you a tap away from your PC even when you can’t really open your PC.

Our list of productivity apps does not just end here. Some honorable mentions include apps like Nova Launcher, TickTick, and 1Weather. We have gathered this list to let you easily find the one app for all your tasks. So if you are looking to transfer all your data from one place to the other, let’s go for Smart Transfer. Zedge will help you customize your phone according to your needs and let Shazam satisfy your music needs at one spot. Organize your messages with SMS Organizer and easily access your PC with the Unified Remote. Download these productivity apps on your phone and be productive in the upcoming year 2021 just as we did in 2020.