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Thousands of free DigiDaigaku Dragon NFTs from Limit Break this Sunday at the Super Bowl


Free NFTs for the Super Bowl! Limit Break announced a giveaway of thousands of free NFTs during an announcement at this year’s Super Bowl LVII. This is welcome news for the NFT industry eager to get more investors into the space.

Ad break limits for free NFTs
Still from a 30-second Limit Break ad

Limit Break’s Huge Free NFT Giveaway

Limit Break donations of thousands of NFTs, which will be directly owned by players, marks a departure from the standards of previous NFT companies. Usually, buyers pay for NFTs. Now, Web3 Corporation and the creators of DigiDaigaku Dragon are giving them a ‘Limit Break’ for free. the DigiDaigaku Code Series Enhances the player’s experience in Web3 games, such as Limit Break’s partner games, Ether Orcs and Castaways. The new blockchain gaming paradigm is set to revolutionize the gaming industry.

In order to get a free NFT, Super Bowl viewers will need to scan a QR code included in the Limit Break ad. This will air during the first Super Bowl commercial break. Therefore, viewers will need to prepare and act quickly. Supplies are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

The impact of breaking the boundary on NFTs and the gaming industry

Worth $300 million worldwide, mobile gaming is a huge industry that outstrips the TV, music, and movie industries combined. Much of this industry is built on the free-to-play model. This model gives players the opportunity to purchase or earn in-game improvements while playing. Gabriel Lydon and Halbert Nakagawa pioneered this idea at their previous company, Machine Zone. To illustrate, Machine Zone sponsored a memorable Super Bowl ad in 2016 featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in their game Mobile Strike. Schwarzenegger wasn’t the only celebrity to support advertising for Machine Zone. Other celebrity pregnancies include Mariah Carey and Kate Upton.

Since launching Limit Break in 2021, the company has raised $200 million and expects significant growth and a broad global audience. Gabriel Lydon, CEO of Limit Break stated, “Limit Break’s free NFT model is a game-changer, and these asset releases are key moments in building our next Super Bowl commercial.”

Several free NFT initiatives are featured in the upcoming Super Bowl LVII

Finally, Limit Break isn’t the only one using its Super Bowl as a platform to advertise to viewers. The event has attracted numerous NFT initiatives from mainstream and cryptocurrency companies and brands. reddit partnership with NFL to launch a limited set of 500,000 uniquely designed NFT avatars, called Super Bowl LVII Collectible Avatars, which goes on sale February 6 to celebrate the two rival teams and give fans a souvenir token of the event.


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