He once wondered what would happen if the evil Windows and Strange things children decided to settle things with a dance battle? Thanks to actor Noah Schnapp’s TikTok account, we can see what Will Byers’ killer moves would be.

In a video released on May 29, two days after the premiere of Season 4 of Stranger Things, Schnapp appears in full Beers attire – a plaid shirt and khaki pants he wears on the show – and dances a restrained hip-hop dance. hop track. “Will Byers make TikTok?” You can check it out below.


Will Byers tickle?

♬ I have no idea X took X to the west – VNDRE

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok in the last month, you’ve probably noticed the chatter of Stranger Things. Season 4 inspired everything from a challenge on TikTok, where people discover which song would save them from the curse of Vecna, to an automatically tuned version of of Eddie a request to the possessed Chrissy in the first episode (“Chrissy wake up”, the song begins. “I don’t like this…”).

Seventeen-year-old Schnapp and his colleague at Tiktok, 20-year-old Caleb McLaughlin, are adding their own fun videos to the mix, and that’s exactly what I needed during this gap. between seasons 4 episodes. Neither actor is new to the platform – McLaughlin has been performing since at least 2021 and Schnapp – at least since 2019 – but both have delivered to fans during the show’s mid-term.

In his subsequent TikTok to Will Byers’ dancing video, Schnap mocks Kate Bush’s acceptance of TikTok Running up this hill, the 1985 song that revived after the release of season 4. “Scrolled on your page for you after May 27” appeared on the screen as he scrolled through many normal and accelerated versions of the song. In addition to TikTok recognition, the track drawn around the world.

Meanwhile, McLaughlin, the actor who plays Lucas, took a break from season 4, synchronizing his lips with Pass the Dutchie, another song highlighted in season 4, and introducing Stranger Things music lover Max in his own 2022 single, Soul Travel. (McLaughlin, like several of Stranger Things’ actors, is also a musician).

All of these videos have gone through a million likes. So I can only summarize the TikToks you have already seen. But if not, it’s a fun way to spend some more time in the realm of Stranger Things. Schnapp posted behind-the-scenes photos and videos of the cast, including some retrospective photos from when they were all younger. Other McLaughlin videos also reveal how much fun the band has together when TV cameras aren’t moving.

Netflix users watched 286.8 million hours of Stranger Things season 4 in the first three days – more hours than Bridgerton’s second season. The second half of season 4 debuted a little over a week later, on July 1. If you want to improve your mood while you wait, dare to look at the accounts of these two creative members of the cast.