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The Nike .SWOOSH platform will allow users to create custom wearables


The Nike platform works. The #YourForce1 Instagram contest runs until January 29th. Fans have the ability to submit a shoe design and, if chosen, receive $5,000 for their work which will be created into digital sneakers by Nike designers. This is a must for any Nike fan to see their design powered by the Swoosh.

A pair of white Nike sneakers on the dance floor in support of the Nike .SWOOSH platform.
The Work with Nike Designers competition runs through January 29th. Credit: Nike.

What is the Nike .SWOOSH platform?

The Nike .SWOOSH platform is a huge step forward, as it will allow fans to create and sell their own digital wearables. The platform is built on the blockchain, which provides security and transparency in trades. In addition, the platform will enable designers, artists, and everyday enthusiasts to create and sell their own wearables through a decentralized marketplace. The Instagram contest runs until January 29th.

A pair of Nike sneakers and the Nike logo on a blue background.
The SWOOSH. Users create their own designs. Credit: CoinSwitch.

Who will benefit from .SWOOSH?

Fans will be able to access the SWOOSH platform directly from their Nike Implementation. There, anyone can use a number of tools that allow them to create their own custom designs. Nike also gives fans access to its library of designs, so imagination can run wild and iterations can be completed quickly. Finally, users will be able to set their own rates and receive payment directly.

The orange Nike logo lit up on a wooden background.
Fans can sell their Nike designs directly via the Nike app. Credit:

Nike moving to the Metaverse?

Nike He makes big moves in the metaverse with .SWOOSH. The platform allows fans to create and sell their own unique designs, all within the Nike ecosystem. Additionally, fans can join the #YourForce1 contest on Instagram. Winners get the chance to work with Nike designers. The contest runs until January 29th.


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