Getty Images, one of the world’s largest stock photography providers, will begin removing images generated by AI from his site and no longer accept submissions of Jobs created by AI.

Popular AI image generators like Dall-EStable Diffusion and Midjourney will no longer be allowed on the site, PetaPixel announced.

“We’ve already started removing content, but this will be an ongoing effort by our teams,” Craig Peters, Getty Images executive, CNET said in an emailed statement Wednesday. “For our creative content library, we require signed versions of models and properties and biometric versions for objects contained in images, and we continue to use our content review processes and technologies.”

Peters added that AI content was already “extremely limited” in its library and “there were already significant controls on our editorial offering”.

Shutterstock, another stock photography company, appears to be following in Getty’s footsteps and has begun to take down Jobs created by AI also from his site, according to reports.

Shutterstock did not immediately respond to a request for comment.