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Opera Domains and Unstoppable Domains provide a digital identity to millions


Opera users can now access Unstoppable Domains, the Web3 domain provider that delivers digital identities, to bring the power of digital identity to millions of users. With the latest update, Opera is expanding its support for Web3 Top Level Domains (TLD). These include .nft, .x, and .wallet for all Opera Web3-enabled products. Additionally, to celebrate the partnership, Opera is giving away a free .nft domain. Users who verify their accounts and update Twitter with their web3 domain name get a chance to win.

Unstoppable Domains collaborates with the Opera browser to bring millions into web3.
Unstoppable Domains announces its official partnership with the Opera browser.
Image credit: Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains now allows Opera users to create and access 3 websites

Unstoppable Domains aims to bring the world into Web3 with the introduction of blockchain domains. Thus, it will provide full ownership and control over digital identities without renewal fees. With web3 domains, users can replace their encrypted wallet addresses with a human-readable name. Additionally, they can log in and transact with various apps, wallets, exchanges, and marketplaces.

Opera users can create and access Unstoppable-supported Web3 websites, such as sandy.crypto or mago.x, visible across all Opera browsers that support Web3. Similar, but not the same, it is important to note the difference with ENS domains.

This feature ensures that websites are truly user-owned, as they are on a completely peer-to-peer network. Content creators can finally rest assured that they fully own their identity and content without the risk of third-party takedowns, thanks to Unstoppable Domains.

Unstoppable provides your new digital identity

By replacing the need for long, complex crypto-wallet addresses, Opera and Unstoppable domains make it easy to transition to Web3. Opera’s global community can browse Web3 content securely without the risk of being tracked, thanks to standard Opera features like Trackerblocker, Adblocker, and VPN.

“Expanding access to digital sovereignty is our North Star, and ushering millions of Opera users into the next age of the Internet is a pivotal leap to delivering on that promise,” said Sandy Carter, SVP and Head of Channel at Unstoppable Domains.

Comparison chart of web3 domains vs traditional domains.
Web3 domains offer different advantages over traditional ones.
Image credit: Unstoppable Domains

Opera has been a leader in providing secure and accessible browsing solutions to its customers for over 25 years. Unstoppable Domains is on a mission to create a user-owned digital identity for every person on the planet. Together, they clearly open a powerful new avenue for giving people more ownership of their digital identity.


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