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NARS and Boss Beauties launch ODENTITY NFTs


Leading beauty company NARS Cosmetics has announced “ODENTITY,” a new NFT project inspired by the Orgasm Shadow makeup collection, in collaboration with web3 Boss Beauties, a leading web3 organization founded by women. The NFT Collection is designed to drive self-expression and creativity in the digital world. ODENTITY features two bespoke digital collections inspired by the orgasm, to empower women to be bold in their self-expression.

Side by side NARS and Boss Beauties brand logos.  The two brands aim to launch NFT collections soon.

NARS x Boss Beauties: How the NFT Collab Represents a New Wave of Empowerment

ODENTITY NFTs are empowering women around the world by issuing two sets of free digital collectibles. The first is exclusive to Boss Beauties holders and the second collectible is open to everyone. Both of these collectibles are inspired by NARS Orgasm, the brand’s most iconic shade. The unique partnership aims to empower women on Web3. It does this with a highly accessible tool, an educational and engaging virtual event series, and more.

On February 11, Boss Beauties NFT holders received ODENTITY holdings. This also allows them to transform their Boss Beauties wallpaper into a stunning “Orgasm” inspired look. The two brands will next unveil an “ODENTITY” NFT from Boss Beauties original NFT artist Marion Ben-Lisa. This NFT is published on the 13th of February. On top of that, it’s infused with shades of NARS cult classic Orgasm, Orgasm X, and the all-new Orgasm Rush. Furthermore, through a series of public and closed virtual events, NARS aims to bring its wider community onto web3. Through these virtual experiences, both brands also aim to promote NFT holders in career panels with leaders from the web 3 and beauty industries. The NARS and Boss Beauties ODENTITY collaboration builds on the success of NARS’ first NFT collection, “Orgasm, Experienced.”

ODENTITY is the digital embodiment of Orgasm’s award-winning peachy pink shade, and we’re excited to pay homage to this brand icon in a unique way. Boss Beauties shares our passion for women’s empowerment and was an ideal partner to help expand the reach of web3 as one of the leading women-led web3 communities.. said Gabrielle Archambault, executive director of global digital innovation and media at NARS.

To learn more about the collection and the brands, you can visit the official NARS x Boss Beauties collaboration website.


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