Das sehen leider nicht alle so. Obwohl ich mein Besten gegeben habe, R. während dieser Zeit so gut wie wie möglich zu unterstützen, lässt sich dasselbe nicht für alle unserer Freund: innen sagen. Some of them have always been reprimanded for their alcoholism, but they are also “long-awaited”, but they do not want to go to the pub. Until today, he was a great friend for his enthalts. “Das ist so weit verbreitet, und so unnötig,” recalls Lucy Holmes von der Alcohol Change UK. “I am very self-conscious in the situation that I drink alcohol and drink it in the daytime. Do you need to drive again? Are you a swanger? Nimmst du Antibiotika? You must have a basis for it! ” he knows. “Dabei ist der Grund ja einfach der: Ich power Today you don’t drink – and it’s okay. This unfortunate group group, the Alcoholic Review or an evening without alcohol as “abnormally” created, can be overwhelmed and very uncomplicated. Stattdessen sollten wir uns eher fragen: How can this person be a friend: a friend: or a guest: in his? ”