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JokerClub by Partouche Verse x Porsche


Popular French casino group Partouche (and Partouche Multiverse) is expanding to web3 via its latest Joker Club NFT campaign supporting Porsche car holders. Partouche, a group of 42 casinos, is a strong supporter of blockchain technology and its applications. In 2022, the group announced the “Joker Club” – a high-end NFT pool of 8,888 Jokers on the Ethereum network. Read on to learn more about the collaboration between the Joker Club NFT and Porsche 911.

The official poster advertising the Joker Club in collaboration with Partouche Verse x Porsche, with the Porsche 911 on the cover in front of one of Partouche's casinos.

Joker Club x Porsche NFTs: How the Brand is Expanding the Web3 Community

The Joker Club NFT project aims to rid the Porsche 911 community of its recent hardships. The Partouche Multiverse casino brand opens its doors to host holders of Porsche NFTs in one of their prestigious hotels. This adds more tangible benefits to their digital assets. Although the original Porsche NFT project saw sales dwindle, holders now have access to 5 free hotel stays at one of Partouche’s hotels. Moreover, it offers 911 collectors a prestigious dinner at one of their restaurants as well. What’s more, all the facilities of this campaign are available for free!

The Partouche Multiverse / Joker Club NFT brand asks for nothing in return. In fact, the giveaway is just “for culture.” The brand announced the campaign on January 31 using Twitter spaces. Thousands of listeners and the NFT community were behind this move. Furthermore, the campaign operates on the “we all succeed” ethos of the web3 ecosystem. Joker Club strives to leave no NFT holder behind.

The campaign is also entirely possible due to the interoperability of the blockchain technology. This means that by using NFTs, Porsche 911 holders get access to (and interact with) the Joker Club / Partouche web3 ecosystem. Moreover, it is moments like these that shine new light and lift the spirit of the NFT ecosystem in general.

How to participate in the giveaway

Holders of Porsche NFTs can easily claim their benefits on the official Joker Club website. According to the site, the Joker Club NFT project is Partouche Multiverse’s first project. This is also a campaign to fully support and promote the Porsche 911 NFT community. The leading European casino operator is bringing the values ​​and ideals of blockchain into the real world with its latest launch.

For more information about the project, you can check their official links TwitterOr Discord or Instagram. Follow them on social media to get the latest updates.


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