Monday, September 25, 2023

Immutable unveils ‘passport’ for smooth Web3 gaming


The Web3 gaming experience could change this year thanks to Immutable’s new all-in-one Passport platform. Accordingly, blockchain game studios can use the new tool as an unguarded digital wallet for players new to the Web3 world – just like an Apple ID! From fraud protection to fast login, these exciting features encourage gamers (and not only) to join the world of Web3.

Image of an abstract ImmutableX logo with a suitcase at the airport
Immutable’s latest Web3 tool, Immutable Passport, aims to make the gaming experience easier for new players. Credits: Twitter

The immutable passport: How does the new system work?

Popular scaling system ImmutableX will release a new Web3 gaming tool called Immutable Passport in April 2023. Much like the Xbox Gametag, the new features allow users to enter games without having to know Web3.

For example, ImmutableX Passport offers a secure, non-custodial digital wallet that you can use for NFT-powered games. Of course, the wallet is also useful for game-related marketplaces and Web3 game authentication. Note that will fixed Not You participate in any digital transaction, and they also do not store your private keys!

In fact, players will be able to access their Passport from their personal device without any password; All you need is a one-time password that you will receive via email when creating your account.

Accordingly, this innovative system is a safe way for Web3 beginners to try out new gaming experiences. Every game studio that implements the ImmutableX Passport tool has access to the company’s active player ecosystem.

A copy of the immutable digital passport
Web3 game studios can use the Immutable Passport to access the vital Immutable player ecosystem as well.

What is ImmutableX?

ImmutableX is Immutable’s leading Web3 scaling platform providing solutions for creating, developing and innovating web3 games. Although it was founded before the NFT boom in 2018, Immutable has already attracted notable partners from the NFT industry.

So far, ImmutableX has collaborated with Guild of Guardians, Gods Unchained, and Planet Quest, to name a few.

“For Web3 games to reach 1 billion players, the setup needs to be invisible, secure, and work across any game — on mobile, console, or desktop,” Immutable co-founder Robbie Ferguson said. “It will be a game-changer for gamers and radically reduce user acquisition costs.”


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