COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working

Scenario: I eagerly need a way to fix this error. This boring message pops up on the screen as long as I try opening media files or printing something from the Internet. However, it pops up without reason at random times. What can I do to get rid of this issue? Can anyone give me some advice?

Why the Error COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working Occur?

Actually, the error COM Surrogate has stopped working frequently happens to Windows PC users when they are trying to browse or print folders containing media files. Com Surrogate (also known as dllhost.exe file)is an important system file in Windows. It is usually running in the background.

When this issue takes place, do not worry too much. You can check for possible reasons, such as invalid registry entries, deleted or corrupted dllhost.exe files, uninstalled Windows updates, and so on.

There are plenty of possible reasons for this issue, like the well-known DivX and Nero, but there are some other factors that cause the problem as well. However, it is likely to fix and recover data lost due to this error.

If the following warnings appear, it indicates that there is something wrong with the COM Surrogate on your computer:

  • Cannot find dllhost.exe
  • exe not found
  • exe is not running
  • exe failed
  • exe is not a valid Win32 application
  • exe has encountered a problem and it needs to closing.
  • error starting program:dllhost.exe

Fixes to Error COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working

There is no need to worry too much. Here are some practical methods to help you solve the error COM Surrogate has stopped working. Just keep reading and you can find how …

Solution 1. Roll Back Display Driver to the Previous Version

Probably, getting some drivers updated drivers can cause this error, especially a driver for display or some other hardware on your computer. To deal with this issue, you just need to roll back the driver to the previous version.

In some cases, updating the display driver to the most recent version is helpful to fix the issue. Thus, think about rolling back the display driver or updating it.

Let’s go to see how to roll back the display driver.

Press Windows + R to launch Run> type hdwwiz.cplto enter Device Manager> find Display Adaptors>choose Properties>press Roll Back Driver button


Solution 2. Check the Hard Drive

The error COM Surrogate has stopped running occurs usually when you are trying to browse files from a drive. But if the error message occurs when using a USB flash drive, just disconnect it. If no, it is necessary to check the particular hard drive for errors.

Open This PC->find the particular drive -> right-click it and choose Properties->go to Tools tab and click the Check button. After finishing the steps, the system will check the drive for errors automatically.


Solution 3. Re-register the DLLs

You can try to re-register the .dll files if previous methods are not helpful. Command Promptwill be used to finish it.

Run Command Prompt as administrator, and follow these steps to make it:

①Type regsvr32 jscript.dllin Command Prompt and clickEnter.

②Click OK.

③Type regsvr32 vbscript.dll and clickEnter.

④Click OK.

Solution 4. Disable Thumbnails

You can disable thumbnails within these steps:

①Input File Explorer options in the search box.

Choose View tab.

③Under Advanced settings, check Always show icons, never thumbnails>Files and Folders

④Click Apply and then OK.

⑤ Input disk cleanup into the search box.

⑥Choose Disk Cleanup.

Choose Windows 10 hard drive to scan.

Check thumbnailsto deleted. Click OK to confirm.


Solution 5. Fix Internet Explorer

Users may encounter COM Surrogate has stopped working windows 10 error when browsing with Internet Explorer browser. You can try resetting the browser to get rid of the issue.

Please follow this guide:

①Open the Run by pressing Start + R.

② Inputcpl and click OK.

③ChooseAdvanced tab.

④ Locate Reset Internet Explorer settings area and click Reset… button.

⑤ Check Delete personal settings, click Reset.

Wait for the execution. Then, restart your computer to see if this problem has been solved or not.



I guess you may find a suitable solution to Com Surrogate has stopped working windows 10 issue. If you are getting stuck in data loss due to this error, unfortunately, don’t forget to choose a reliable data recovery program – MiniTool Power Data Recovery to rescue. It will enable you to recover all kinds of data from the local hard drives as well as external storage devices.

We hope you can deal with this issue by using the solutions successfully.