Friday, December 8, 2023

Doodles are being voted on – cast your vote!


Votes are pouring in Doodle Watch elections. This vote will elect two community members to serve as liaisons between the project’s Community Board and the rest of the Doodle community. What else do we know about Doodles Watch?

Doodles takes requests from its owners seriously by forming a community board and Doodles Watch
Who will the viewers watch? Watching doodles will
Image credit: Doodles

What is Doodles Watch?

Doodles formed Doodles Watch to assist the newly elected community council of five. The Community Council was initially created in response to criticism about the project’s lack of clarity in direction. The Doodlers demanded increased transparency after a rough period of “building in silence,” and as a result, the Community Council was born. The board’s job is to salvage the enthusiasm for the 2021 project and rectify some of the negative feelings that have built up between the team and its owners.

Doodles Watch is a two-man team with three main goals:

  1. Establish community oversight on the community council
  2. Develop a feeder program for future positions in the Community Council
  3. Ensure that the voice of the community is heard at board meetings

In a sense, they provide quality control over the community board and make sure that the group of five acts in the best interest of the community.

Doodle created by the Community Council to help improve communication between the team and the owners
Doodles Watch will help support the Community Council

What are the responsibilities of Doodles Watch?

A two-man team will have a handful of duties. These include:

  • Attend community council meetings and take notes
  • Make sure you support the Doodles mission and values
  • Communicate your board progress to the broader doodle community

Although they do not have the power to vote, Doodles Watch members should expect to actively participate in discourse at meetings. Moreover, if they perform their duties well, there is an increased possibility of joining the same community council in the future.

Voting will run from May 8 – May 20. In addition, each Doodle NFT will be able to vote once. The term of the position is three months and he also pays $6,000 in compensation.

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