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Detachment of NFT influencer raises doubts about Parkmeta


Trouble in Paradise: The breakup of NFT influencer BarkMeta (@barkmeta) and Leah (leelahmeta) has sparked a series of allegations against the former. Leah claims that in her time with BarkMeta, she has seen and heard things that could “destroy his personal brand”.

Image of the Mutant Monkey NFT from BarkMeta of the Mutant ape Yacht Club.

BarkMeta: Is the NFT Influencer a Scam?

In a Twitter thread that allegedly exposes Park, Leah begins claiming that she saw and heard things in their past relationship that could completely ruin his reputation. The first in a series of accusations alleges that Bark pays a former WeRunCrypto employee $15,000 per month to operate the account. She says the Bark brand he built with his “800 tweets a day” strategy wasn’t even written by him. Furthermore, it claims that Park has been paying this person since October 2022.

Next, Park is accused of running a pump-and-dump project – Metalux. Metaluxe is a collection of 10,000 digital suits. It claims that a simple Google search and DYOR will help expose the project as fraudulent. Moreover, Leah also claims that Park has huge financial debts. According to her tweets, Park now owes her at least $500,000. She claims that this is the reason he left for Taiwan.

In addition, she said that her influential fellow NFTMachiBigBrother (Jeffrey Huang) promised to pay off his debts if they worked together. In which Tweet topic, linking to a previously published article claiming that Mashi is a fraud. Leah says the BAYC influencer took her and Park to Vegas, where they were hosted at 5-star resorts and paid extra to gamble. She goes on to say that Machi’s “business partners” could be rich if he gave Park Machi 10% of the project he was working on.

Leah also claims that Alex (Shailene Feelin) has returned to the United States from Taiwan to legally divorce his wife and “abandon” his 10-year-old daughters. She also claims to have photographic evidence, but is threatened by Machi’s lawyer. There NFT Evening follows the story as it develops.


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