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Control your identity with Polygon Web3 domain


Polygon continued its recent hot streak this week by announcing the creation of .polygon domain names. Similar to the hugely popular Ethereum-based .eth domains, .polygon domains will streamline user experiences for Polygon’s more than 180 million customers. What is a Web3 domain and why is it important?

What is a Web3 domain?

Web3 domains offer significant quality-of-life improvements for crypto users. They let us navigate Web3 with easy-to-remember public addresses, think evan.eth or nftbuyer.polygon, instead of the traditional public addresses made up of long strings of random letters and numbers.

Perhaps most importantly, Web3 domains also help us shape our digital identities. Crypto users can use a .polgyon or .eth domain to broadcast their association with their preferred blockchain. In the process, we can help define a place in the Web3 world that we call our world.

It is not surprising that major brands invest huge amounts of money to secure their Web3 domains. Notably, the New England Patriots NFL franchise purchased patriots.eth for approximately $1 million in September 2022 and crypto investment firm Paradigm paid over $1.5 million to acquire the rights to paradigm.eth in October 2021.

Three of the best selling ENS Web3 domains
Three of the highest selling Web3 domains ever
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How will you fit the polygon domains?

Polygon is a layer 2 blockchain that sits on top of Ethereum. It allows for faster and cheaper transactions while also benefiting from the security of the Ethereum network. Polygon was a rare bright spot during a cryptocurrency bear market. The India-based Web3 giant recently announced partnerships with Reddit, Starbucks, Disney, Mastercard, and many of the world’s largest companies to help introduce them to the world of Web3.

The Polygon team continues their recent success streak by announcing .polygon domains
The Polygon team has built partnerships with some of the largest companies in the world
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Polygon is partnering with Unstoppable Domains, a Web3 company named by Forbes as one of America’s Best Employers in 2022, to create polygonal digital identities. These domains can be used to access over 750 integrated Unstoppable Domains applications, allowing for a seamless login process without the need for hard-to-remember passwords or wallet addresses.

For the first time, Polygon fans can show their appreciation for the rapidly growing second layer blockchain by attaching a .polygon domain to their Web3 persona. By doing so, they will also enjoy all the benefits that Web3 domains have to offer.

The sale will start on March 16th and domains can be purchased through Unstoppable Domains.


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