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Collective Evidence Gallery: A space for artists to showcase their NFT creations in Los Angeles


Web3 giant, PROOF Collective, announces plans to open a multi-functional real-life (IRL) gallery and event space in Los Angeles. Here’s everything you need to know.


  • The PROOF Collective plans to open Foundry by PROOF, a multifunctional gallery and event space in downtown Los Angeles.
  • The fair aims to be a meeting point for the PROOF community. This is to foster strong relationships with artists and encourage community participation.
  • Expected to open in late July, the 4,000-square-foot pop-up space will operate through the end of 2023. The gallery will feature events, art residencies, and immersive experiences. Stay informed through PROOF’s social media channels.

PROOF Collective unveils exhibition plans

It is famous for its exclusive NFT projects such as Moon birdsAnd anomalyGrails, Emotes, PROOF Collective, has Plans revealed To create a versatile gallery and event venue in the vibrant arts district of downtown Los Angeles. Moreover, the name of this physical space is Foundry by PROOF. Furthermore, it aims to serve as a central meeting point for the PROOF community.

According to Justin Mizell, co-founder of PROOF, the gallery aims to foster strong relationships with artists and create a vibrant community. This is to embrace and support the endeavors of the community.

The showroom is expected to open its doors in late July, spanning a vast area of ​​4,000 square feet. Interestingly, the grand opening coincides with the long-awaited release of the Mythics NFT. While it will operate as a pop-up space for six months through the end of 2023, the exact title of the exhibition will be announced at a later date.

Furthermore, a representative from PROOF expressed the team’s commitment to establishing a base in Los Angeles for real-world immersive experiences. He further outlined plans to expand their event programming beyond the city limits.

The collective makes a comeback

The announcement comes after a recent setback when PROOF had to cancel the inaugural PROOF conference in February 2023. The organizers eventually refunded the three-day conference that showcased popular figures in the Web3 movement. However, they did not reschedule the event.

PROOF’s commitment to creating realistic experiences has been demonstrated through major community events and immersive experiences held around the world. To date, her events have spanned from Japan to Europe and from Miami to New York City. With the creation of Foundry by PROOF, the group has found a permanent home for personal experiences in Los Angeles year-round.

While the gallery has yet to reveal specific details of its programming, it will undoubtedly prioritize artists and emphasize community participation. Exciting plans include celebratory events surrounding the upcoming PROOF launch, artist residencies, community get-togethers, interactive installations, and various immersive experiences.

To stay up to date on the latest developments, art enthusiasts are encouraged to follow PROOF’s social media channels, including PROOF Twitter, Moonbirds Twitter, and Instagram.

About PROOF Collective

The PROOF Group is a web3 based community that believes that art stands as a testament to our collective humanity. Founded in 2021 by tech entrepreneur and media producer Kevin Rose and digital artist Justin Mizell, PROOF has curated unique experiences that enable art collectors to connect with artists, own their art, and endorse their creations.

Through curating exhibitions, art drops, while offering insightful research and informative content, PROOF aims to amplify the narratives behind art, and to emphasize its value beyond abstract price.

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