Boba Fett is trying to be a criminal boss.


The latest hit show of Star Wars Disney Plus takes us back to a distant, distant and deep galaxy in its meager criminal underworld. Bob Fett’s book mostly put the spotlight on the clone of a former bounty hunter after the events of The epic finale of season 2 of the Mandalorianand all seven episodes are available now.

This series has begun December 29as new installments fall every week from Wednesday to February 9th. It features Temuera Morrison as Fett and Ming-Na Wen as his partner Fenek Shand, as the couple works to seize the territories of the slain gangster Jaba Hutt.

Dates and times of the release of the episode of The Book of Bob Fett

Here is the full schedule for the release of Disney Plus’ Bob Fett Book. New episodes usually appear at 12 o’clock PT (3 o’clock ET / 8 o’clock GMT / 19 o’clock AEST).

Is there a trailer to give me a taste?

He must have it dropped out last November and is embedded below.

What is the Disney Plus documentary Boba Fett about?

Under the helmet: The Legacy of Bob Fett examines the hero’s real-world origins through new archival footage and interviews with Lucasfilm’s actors, crew and staff. This is a delightful 21-minute watch that will make you appreciate Bob even more.

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