Hey, does your Alexa say “I’m having trouble connecting to the internet right now”? If yes, then the solutions to this problem are here in this article only. 

You will get to know about some smart and effective ways to deal with this trouble. In this article, we will guide you with the best ways to overcome Alexa won’t connect to wifi.

Before sharing anything with you, we would like to clear you that there is nothing serious facing by your Alexa, just because of very common problems with your Alexa not connecting to wifi and hence troubling. But anyhow, now you are here you can freely feel relaxed…

A Little About Alexa

Basically, Alexa is one of the best smart speakers in the market. Amazon has developed a virtual assistant AI technology which is a cloud-based program that requires applications or strong internet to run and also the user can even interact with the gadget which makes it different from others.

It simply makes our tasks easy and provides comfort to its users. Nowadays, almost every person {99.9% of the population} have Alexa and are happy to have it.

But as you all know that there are always some problems. Whether the problem is big or small but there is, nothing is totally perfect.

But also there is nothing impossible if we are willing then we can easily do anything…

Is It Possible To Fix Alexa Unable To Connect To Wi-Fi By The Users?

Well, sure… It doesn’t matter if the user has the technical understanding or not, luckily the user can easily tackle this problem.

The fixer just ought to follow the guidelines mentioned in this article. Once you have properly done all the steps as stated then you will surely get out of this trouble soon.

Some Reasons Lead To Internet Problem

Do you eagerly want to know the reasons behind the issue Alexa won’t connect to wifi? The problems are stated below in the bulleted points; just have a look below…

  • The problem can be a range issue, proper placement is very important.
  • Improper operating also leads to the internet problem.
  • The wrong credential is a very silliest misconception behind this issue.
  • Most of the users forgot the password and hence not take full access to the internet.
  • Sometimes, internal issues do not allow Alexa to connect to wifi…

Let’s Solve the Alexa Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi Issue…

Dear users, now it’s time to share solutions with you. If you have already read the problems causing this issue then it will be easier for you to overcome this trouble.

Hey, do not try to skip any of the steps. If you do then it will result as your failure. To succeed and to recover this problem on your own you have to comprehend the instructions properly.

So, are you ready to change the situation Alexa unable to connect to Wi-Fi to able? Great, so let’s do it without burning more time.

Step 1 – Do Proper Placement

The majority of the Alexa users face this problem because of improper placement of the devices. There are two cases mentioned below if it does not match yours then kindly look at the step 2.

  • Alexa is nearby the router.
  • Alexa is far from the router.

Dear users, if you don’t know then let us inform you that there must be at least a 30 feet gap between the router and the Alexa.

Step 2 – Make Distant From Electronics 

Hey, if around your gadget there are any electronic devices then without wasting a second just remove them from there. There should not be any electronics. Electronic devices draw the internet signals and cause internet problems.

Step 3 – Remove Hinders  

Dear the internet should not break for that you have to remove all the things that come across your router and the device. Doing this will enact proper signal stability.

Step 4 – Undo Additional Devices  

If there are any other devices also connected to the router from which you have connected the Alexa kindly remove the other devices. Otherwise, you will face a low internet problem and Alexa will say “I’m having trouble connecting to the internet”. So, just does it now…

Step 5 – Fill Credentials Again   

You have to very carefully enter the details of yours. Make sure to enter each detail accurately, most of the people made mistakes here only by entering the wrong password.

And it’s very obvious that if you will fill the wrong password then for sure you will fail in connecting the router to the device. 

Make sure the Caps button is not enabled, if it is then kindly enable it and again enter the password.

Don’t worry, if it is still not allowing you then you can reset the password by clicking on the “forgot password” option. After that follow the instructions on the screen and there you go.

Note- Do not forget to update the Wi-Fi setting in the Alexa app after resetting the password.

Step 6 – Reboot The Alexa

Sometimes, there would be a natural cause not to allow Alexa to work properly. There is a very simple way to fix the internal issue and that is to reboot your device as soon as possible.

  • Remove the power cable wire from Alexa.
  • Wait for 7 to 8 seconds and
  • Connect the cable again.

Let Alexa complete the rebooting process; it will hardly take 1 or 2 minutes of yours.

Step 7- Solve Network Outage Issue

If you are still facing the same problem then just wait and make a call to the Wi-Fi provider. There can possibly issue from their side.

Last But Not Least

As expected this article helps you to resolve Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi problem. Are you free from this trouble? Great, you have done an excellent job.

Now, again you can fully enjoy your Alexa. For more suggestions contact our specialists.

Stay Fit And Healthy…