task management software

Handling tasks and projects at an individual and collective level can be tiresome, difficult, and arduous. If not handled in a systematic, logical, and effective manner, it becomes impossible to deliver projects in accordance with their deadlines. 

Task management software is used to effectively manage tasks via their respective life cycles. This is done by dividing a vast and expansive project into small and manageable tasks that can be completed with ease and convenience. Thus, they enable individuals, teams, and large-scale corporations to organize and complete tasks by scheduling, estimations, and tracking dependencies, used resources, and milestones. A number of task management software are available for PC, iOS, and Android users. If used on a regular basis, they will allow users to keep on top of their projects and tasks and prevent them from feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. 

Leading task management software for PC users 

PC users can select their task management software from a myriad of open source and paid software. They allow users to deal with their tasks in an adept and professional manner. Below is a list of task management software that PC users can work with. 


Team task calendar is an open-source task management software that is available for different versions of Microsoft Windows. It lists the tasks each individual needs to fulfill on a given day. However, these tasks can be altered according to changes in schedules. 


Established in 2008 by the co-founder of Facebook, Dustin Moskovitz, Asana is a task management software designed especially for PC and cell phone users. By using Asana, users can divide large and extensive projects into smaller projects. Asana allows project managers to assign tasks to specific individuals and set deadlines. Furthermore, it also enables teams to collaborate with each other and work in an efficient manner.


Centrallo is productivity software for PC users that provides a platform for team members to engage and interact with each other by sharing tasks and storing and organizing information and data. Centrallo is used by private and government organizations because it greatly aids them in working in a systematic way. 


Wrike was created in 2003 and it allows individuals and teams to complete their tasks and goals in a given time period. It is well-loved by users because they can customize it according to their needs and requirements. Users can share real-time progress with those affiliated with the project, and they can do so with ease because Wrike encrypts information to ensure its security.

Best task management software for iOS Users 

As PC users, iOS users can also choose from a variety of task management software that can enhance their productivity by allowing them to achieve their goals. 

1. Monday.com 

With its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Monday.com was established in 2003. According to data published in 2003, Monday.com caters to 100,000 organizations. By using this software, individuals and teams can collaborate with each other in a methodical and well-planned manner. 

2. nTask 

nTask is a productivity management software for iOS users. It is open source and can be easily accessed by everyone. It enables task and project management via team collaboration. It does so by prioritizing tasks, setting deadlines, creating deadlines, and sharing files. 

3. Basecamp 

Basecamp came into existence in 1999 and it is used by innumerable individuals and corporations throughout the world. It allows them to complete tasks and manage projects which seem unmanageable in a methodical and structured way.

4. Meistercamp

Meistercamp is a versatile and robust task management software, which can conveniently be used by users throughout the world. 

Topmost Task Management Software for Android Users 

1. Nifty 

Easily accessible for Android users, Nifty enables them to complete tasks and projects within assigned dates. It allows team members to share feedback with one another in addition to setting milestones and deadlines. 

2. Quixy 

Quixy is a task management software that can be used in a very convenient manner because it is interactive and user-friendly. It provides an open and accessible platform where team members can keep up with their own progress and the progress of other team members. 

3. Hive 

Being available for Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS, Hive has served many small to large businesses. Besides, it integrates with a number of applications. It shows faster performance and you can send messages, manage tasks, share files and keep a check on the progress of your work with great ease. 

In the end, task management software embodies the miracles brought about by technology. By using task management software, individuals and large-scale corporations are able to work in a much more effective and coherent manner by prioritizing tasks, completing tasks, and setting deadlines.