Kevin Heinz / CNET

Apple’s latest environmental venture will put more durable metal in its new one iPhone SE models.

The aluminum used in the metal frame around the iPhone SE countries comes from a new process developed with funds from Apple’s planned $ 4.7 billion green bond project, which invests in various renewables initiatives. The new process reduces the amount of carbon produced by smelting aluminum on an industrial scale that was not previously feasible, according to a press release.

It is unclear whether this aluminum is in every iPhone SE that Apple began selling on March 18, or will be included in units manufactured at some point in the future. Apple did not clarify at the time of the press, nor confirmed whether this aluminum will be used in other iPhones.

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While Apple previously worked to include more recycled materials in its packaging, other phone makers have gone further. Samsung has expanded from use recycled ocean plastic in its packaging to use recycled materials in several parts of it Samsung Galaxy S22 phones.

Apple has highlighted many projects it has helped fund as part of its Green Bond spending, saying the effort has avoided 921,000 metric tons of annual carbon emissions and generated 1.2 gigawatts of renewable energy, according to a press release.

But the company has other investments in renewables, including a Texas-based research lab that studies better ways to recycle smartphonesincrease the number of suppliers of parts that runs entirely on clean energy and purpose to do the whole company is carbon neutral until 2030