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All you need to know about the MekaVerse NFT Collection


2021 was the year of the NFT hype, and one of the projects that gained huge popularity was MekaVerse. This group of NFT bot warriors has excited the digital community, and despite the bear market conditions, it is still going strong. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the MekaVerse, Citadel, and MekaVerse game.

Color photo of a MekaVerse castle
Welcome to MekaVerse

What is MekaVerse NFT?

MekaVerse is an NFT project of 8,888 bot warriors. Each bot is built with its own set of unique traits with the power of algorithms. These robots, called “mekas,” pay homage to classic mechas from Japanese pop culture — giant war machines piloted by humans, ready to battle it out in the virtual world.

The team behind MekaVerse carefully put the finishing touches on each bot. This ensures a consistent look and feel across the collection while keeping each NFT unique. And their ambitions do not stop there. From Meka-themed clothing to 3D models and short films, the MekaVerse has big plans for the future.

Is it a game?

Meka-Citadel, a game for all users viewing the MekaVerse NFT project, is now available on Core Games. Here, where you can interact with other Meka fans and enjoy all that the MekaVerse has to offer. Meka holders can go to the ‘Hangar’ to view all that Meka has to offer.

MekaVerse Castle is a work in progress and we can expect regular updates with new experiences, environments, and lore. Moreover, the Meka Team continues to update the castle and bring more benefits to its bearers. Right now, Meka Drivers have exclusive access to the world map and can earn huge rewards! Game holders have the ability to control their driver, through in-game customization.

Meka Drivers can explore the Meka World Map and MekaVerse Castle

Who created the MekaVerse?

Matt and Matty, two European digital and graphics artists, were the primary figures behind the MekaVerse project. They teamed up with Julien van Dorland, an experienced NFT expert. Then, in late August 2021, MekaVerse made their social media and Discord accounts available for the public to view their NFT artwork. This was the starting point for the project’s success.

How much did the MekaVerse mint?

The MekaVerse project launched a public raffle in early October 2021, with participants registering nearly 173,000 wallets to enter for a chance to mine NFTs featuring one or two Mekas. The mint window saw 8,593 NFTs, with each NFT selling for 0.2 ETH ($725). The winners of the public draw had the opportunity to announce their NFTs on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

How much is MekaVerse NFT now?

The average MekaVerse NFT price in February 2023 was lower than its peak in mid-December 2021, which was around $4,500. Some NFTs have sold for much more, with some reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars when the project was first launched.

As of February 2023, the average MekaVerse NFT price is 0.26 ETH, which is roughly $435. The most expensive MekaVerse NFT sold to date is #2194, which sold in late December 2021 for over 500 ETH, roughly $1.8 million at the time.

NFTs in its ecosystem

There are many NFTs in the MekaVerse ecosystem. The core of the MekaVerse is the Meka group, divided into four factions: Original Mekas (OG), Mirage (MI), Gadians (GAI), and F-Nine (F9). OG Mekas, with over 4,500 NFTs, are known for their stoic features and heavy armor. MI Mekas is known for its speed, accuracy and elegant design. GAI Mekas have a calm and mysterious appearance with wide Asian-style hats. The rarest faction, the F9 Mekas, have round helmets and complex body armor.

Portrait of a female character in MekaVerse body armor
GĀDIAN driver from the game MekaVerse

Is the MekaVerse a carpet?

Like many NFT projects, the MekaVerse project has faced challenges and uncertainties. Initially, there were some setbacks with the release of NFT images that caused a loss of momentum before launch. Later, allegations of fraud surfaced on Twitter after the launch, with claims that some buyers gained access to NFT metadata, giving them an advantage in buying high-value NFTs at low prices.

Critics have also pointed out the lack of uniqueness among the NFT images, as some appear to be just a color swap. Additionally, NFTs that once sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars are now only selling for hundreds of dollars.

However, we must remember that we are in a bear market. Many of the leading NFTs have long since lost a great deal of value – yet the communities are still thriving and the projects keep going.

Final thoughts on MekaVerse NFT

The highly anticipated release, the MekaVerse NFT pool has attracted both collectors and investors. Despite the popularity of mechanically themed artwork, the value of NFTs took a hit during the 2022 cryptocurrency market downturn, leading to questions about the project’s viability. However, Team MekaVerse has plans for the future, including bringing the group into the physical world with merchandise and giving existing NFT holders a chance to receive “weapons” and “companions” for future games or events through airdrops.


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