internet Surfing

As the entire world is connected to each other via. Internet, the internet has become an important part of our life. We cannot imagine our life without it. If the internet stops, the whole world would stop. But you have to be careful while using the internet because the internet is filled with many harmful websites. These tips will help you out to do safe internet surfing and protect your identity online. The Internet is really not as safer it looks. Malware and malicious files could enter your computer in just a click

Many hackers demand your money in return for your personal information. After that, they make it public to blackmail you. Ransomware is quite common nowadays because of our surfing habits. Secure internet refers to a secure browser and secure World Wide Web access.

So today we are going to discuss 8 important tricks to do safer internet surfing

1.   Don’t share your personal information

Every piece of information you share on the internet becomes available to the whole world. So be careful never to use social media platforms to share your information. Nobody needs to know your birthday or your address. With the help of your information, you make yourself an easy target. No one is your friend on the internet and treats them as strangers.

2.   Safe your privacy

Marketers and big business houses can do anything to know about you, what you like to buy and watch. Many search engines notice your surfing behavior and target you on every site you visit. In other words, you can manage your browser privacy settings to save your privacy. This is like something we are all concerned about and that is privacy.

3.   Personalize your browser setting

You can customize your browser setting according to your personal needs. Try not to save your passwords on sites, because browsers save your passwords and it is easy to hack. Hackers can easily hack your browser history and can transfer it to their system. After that, they demand your money to disclose your information and not to make it public. So it is very important to change your security setting according to your need.

4.   Use a secure connection

If you do not want to compromise your security then you should choose the safer connection route. Without a safer connection, you can become a fallen victim of cyber-crime. But with the help of a safer connection, you have less of a chance. You need to be a little aware while using public connections like the WI-FI service. Most importantly they are much easier to hack because they lack security.

5.   Always create strong passwords

You should always make your password less catchy, instead of creating a hard password always try to create a tricky password. Try to create different passwords for different accounts, never keep your password the same for the same site. If you keep your password the same it is easy to guess for the other site. In other words, use creativity while creating passwords that will help you to be safe.

6.   Shield your I.P with the help of a VPN

A secure connection and strong password will offer you strong security but using a VPN will increase security much more. I will recommend using a VPN, this will prove to be your best decision. VPN simply encrypts your data and makes it unreadable as well as hides your I.P address too. As you are connected to the VPN nobody could track your internet activity even your internet service provider. Checkout list of Best VPN available for your shield

7.   Always download from Authentic sites

There are many downloading sites on the internet but keep in mind that not every site is trustworthy. You should away from spam or cheap looking sites, their downloading files are much harmful. What they promise is to clean up junk from your system but they are junk by themselves. The nature of their file is malicious and harmful.

8.   Always shop securely on the internet

We all love to shop online we don’t like to go in-store and wait in queue for our turn, But there is security risk too. While doing online shopping we often share our bank details and place our order. Always try to share your personal banking information to trustworthy and high profile website. Sharing your banking information might be risky so give more attention while doing online shopping.

More ways to be safe

  • Protect your identity online- Sometimes hackers stole your identity they get access to your all personal information. And do wrong-doing in the name of yours or by using your identity.
  • Stay away from phishing- This is the type of attack where hackers pretend to be a trustworthy entity and extract every precious piece of information from you.

Yes, if you had not known all this fact before. Don’t worry it still not now too late you can be aware from now on.  Back up your data every time to prevent yourself from future danger.


These all are my major and important tips to do safer internet surfing I hope you will keep in mind. Look, guys, I know the internet is an addiction you just click on everything you like. All I am trying to say is please pay much attention while doing surfing, you don’t know which site is trustworthy or not.