You are a city dweller, well-informed in the great metropolis of this world, just in time. Aber hast du dir mal darüber Gedanken gemacht, wie stark diese Luftverschmutzung eigentlich innerhalb deiner eigenen vier Wände sein könnte?

Inner air traffic will be a year to learn more about the subject, and we will be able to thank you very much for our home business, but also for the time of the house, we will be able to use the theme only in a very orderly way – am best gestern.

Due to the WHO World Health Organization, a round of 4.3 million people has been involved in carnivores, which are widely used in space pollution. And, of course, the world also has many people, the room in their apartments and houses can be smashed, and the most important fireworks can be cooked or cooked with wood or wood. to be.

Was kannst du also unternehmen? Klar, a Luftreiniger liegt nahe – doch kann der recht teuer sein. An other, more efficient type: Hol dir Pflanzen in die Bude. In 1989, NASA was able to reduce the amount of internal combustion, microorganisms and microorganisms in the plant. We recommend a plant for 30 square meters of living space.

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