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Valentine’s Day is approaching, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to figure out how to stretch the few bucks you have to get a Valentine’s Day gift for someone special. While it’s obviously easier to get something good if you have an unlimited budget, I’d say it’s easier now than ever to give someone a cheap gift that will still make them happy.

This Valentine’s Day gift guide is full of traditional and non-traditional products that will appeal to both romantics and those looking for a simple way to improve their daily lives. Take a look our other gift guides for ideas if you are looking Valentine’s Day Gifts for Friendson cook in your life and more.

Birthdate Co.

This is a fun and flexible gift: Give your Valentine a candle based on his birthday, your anniversary or even Valentine’s Day itself. The February 14 candle is a mixture of neroli, lavender, lemon, Spanish sage and sea flowers, designed to bring peace and excitement inside and out.

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Why not give fruit-flavored candies as a Valentine’s Day gift instead of just chocolate? Dylan’s Candy Bar Tackle Box will give every sweet tasty rush of sugar with its sour sticky hearts, taffy, marshmallows and more.


Hand washing is not always the most luxurious experience, but with the La Chatelaine hand wash kit and hand lotion it can be. This set is available in seven flavors, including almonds, lavender, orange blossom, gardenia and more. And because hand washing is sulfate-free, it doesn’t dry out.

Londontown USA

If your Valentine can’t get to a spa or nail salon soon, then caring for their feet at home will be as easy as a pie with the Pedikur Prep collection from Londontown USA. This collection includes a foot scrub, foot balm, glass foot file, jelly toe separators and a free pink luminous nail concealer to complete a home pedicure.

Sarah Tu / CNET

Does your Valentine have a tattered wallet or need a new one? Buffway Slim is on CNET’s list of the best minimalist portfolios. This is a simple wallet with RFID blocking and a 12-month no-question change policy for anyone who loses wallets regularly.

Sterling forever

Jewelry is always a good look. But it’s not fun to spend a lot of money on jewelry that won’t last, so get this layered Sterling Forever necklace, available in silver or gold to complement any skin tone. There are many more pieces of jewelry to look beyond this piece, and all of this will make everyone smile on Valentine’s Day.


Traditional cast iron pans are a wonderful gift for someone who loves to cook. Since Lodge cast iron can be used hundreds of times, it is a gift he continues to give. With proper maintenance, every meal will improve and your recipient will think of you every time he cooks.


Waffles are better than pancakes, hands down. The Dash Heart mini waffle will give you and your Valentine the opportunity to make wonderful heart-shaped waffles every day. This waffle maker is available in two colors, red and pink, and cooks quickly so that the dough moves from the bowl to the belly in no time.


Are you in love with a make-up lover, but don’t know what to buy them? Take a Sephora gift card and let them decide. The lowest price at which you can receive a gift card is $ 10, and the highest price is $ 250. No matter what price you choose, this gift will always be appreciated.


There is something so special about engraved gifts and this cup is no different. This ceramic coffee cup can be customized with three rows of custom text and color. Everything is laser engraved so the cup is dishwasher safe and permanent.


A good loofah with built-in cleaning products that you can use more than once is a lifesaver for the person who treats showers and baths as a spa experience. The Love Always gift set includes two heart-shaped loofahs and body washes that will cleanse and exfoliate the skin from head to toe.


Want to give your loved one a gift that protects their iPhone and can functionally play a retro game or two? This LucBuy game console case has 36 small games so you can spend your time playing Pac-Man and other retro games. It’s bulkier than a regular case, but it’s a fun toy for old-school gamers.

Seattle chocolate

If you’re going to have chocolate this year, why not try something different? Enhance your chocolate game and get Seattle Chocolate truffles instead. These impressive truffles are not too sweet and many of them have delicious aroma centers. The personal favorite is Blackberry Creme – every bite is like a party in your mouth.


Practical and comfortable Blowfish Malibu shoes are flexible and suitable for long romantic walks. This particular shoe style is available in several colors and sizes from 6 to 11. This is a great choice for a woman who would choose comfortable shoes over jewelry.


Many of us have an interior designer, and these beverage pads just add flair to a gamer’s home. Whether you’re entertaining your Valentine’s guests or playing a game, they can rely on these coasters to keep their drink safe.


Do you know someone in your life who loves Star Wars, but already has everything? These charming pillowcases will make you and your partner laugh when you bow your head to sleep.

Home Depot

This Hoya Heart plant shows that plants can be just as beautiful as flowers. This is a great houseplant for the green thumb in your life that loves to make things grow. Instead of just one plant, you will get three to serve as a reminder of your affection.

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