Ways to Get More Retweets

Twitter offers an excellent way to spread your influence online and build your followers base – the Retweet. With over 280 million monthly active users, Twitter has become one of the leading social media networks. So, it makes sense to use retweets to your benefit and expand your reach.

Here are the top 10 tips on what will make people to Retweet your content. 

1. Use Related Hashtags

Hashtags make it simple for people to discover your tweet. Including two to three relevant hashtags per post ensures that your target market can find you. It is a known fact that Tweets with #hashtags are more likely to be retweeted. As per the Microsoft Research study of 203,371 Retweets, 18% of them contained #hashtags.

2. Use pictures on Twitter

Pictures have an emotional factor, and emotions have a powerful pull on us. Using the right picture means that you receive 40% retweets vs 13.3% retweets when you don’t use an image. This shows the significance of visuals on Twitter.

3. Ask for Retweets

The easiest way to get a Retweet is to ask for it. Adding the phrase “Please Retweet” can increase the chances of a Retweet by 160%. It is known as a call for action. You will get surprised to see the results after using this simple call-to-action strategy.

4. Leave space for Retweets

How often did you drop the Retweet because you can’t add your comment into the Retweet message? It happens a lot.

If you are using all 140 characters in your tweet, your followers will need to edit your tweets before adding theirs and Retweet. Many people will not take that much pain, and you will lose valuable Retweets.

5. Retweet People’s content

People who send out retweets tend to receive more Retweets. Instead of always self-promotion and asking for Retweets, make an effort to Retweet other people’s content.

6. Share valuable content

If you are not providing valuable content to your audience, gaining Twitter Retweets becomes a distant dream. Google Trends is handy when it comes to checking the trends in your area.

7. Include Social Sharing Buttons

Make it easy for people to Retweet your original content. Include a button on each piece of content that lets individuals share it on Twitter. People are more likely to Re-tweet your content if you make it easy for them.

8. Use links within your tweets

The vital reason why people tune into Twitter is that they are looking for news updates or help in something. A tweet referring to an online resource or news updates has a higher chance of getting Retweeted.

9. Socialize with your Audience

Building relationships can help you increase your engagement rate quickly. Try to send them DMs, communicate with them via email, tweet to them, and Retweet some of their tweets. The relationship with these users will grow over time.

10. Time your Retweets

Posting your tweets at the right time is crucial to make an impact. Do some research to find out when the common of your followers are online, and Tweet consequently. You can use free Twitter analysis tools that analyze your follower’s trends and discover the most strategic time to send out tweets.

Competition on Twitter is growing every day, and improving your brand reach is a time taking task. When you buy Twitter Retweets your engagement rate explodes. Buy Retweets and use the above tips to increase your chances of getting Retweets manifolds.